Friday, 16 October 2009


What do you think about awek tudung 3gp??

About 29,500 search information for tudung 3gp and this is not good for Malaysian. I know this is not present to all of them but day by day Internet provide us increasing numbers on New 3gp bertudung. I’m personally hate this thing because the impact impression very bad to others girls especially in Malaysia . I hope in future girls out there realize and take a lesson when reading and watching many article and 3gp bertudung video broadcast everywhere in Internet.

As woman I understand the situation when you in horny mood at the same time your boyfriend keep persuading, pleading and appealing you to do something what they love to call that this is necesseries part in relationship to prove and show that how deep you in love? No such thing my friends..All this thing is shit..Trust me at the end you will be regret. First thing you should know that sex before marriage is like take cannabis or drug, it’s will be poisoning your mine and no way to going back, hard to fixed and the day afterward is like you are in trouble and seriously addicted to sex.

If you asking me what I should do when I in the situation no way to give excuse and the condition where I need to release the devil before haunted on me and take control on my body and feeling. At the same time the evil start whispering “hey go on darling start fire just enjoys some fun”..mmm..Please avoid them do a some big kiss..About 10 minute kiss and said “I love you..But I need to go now my dear..” leave your boyfriend just like know what you just created the moment you have a remote control. Less is more don’t do that often because the devil never forget and asking for more and more.

As a conclusion, u must think and make a right decision what is good and what is wrong.

Cheers.. Thank you.

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  1. The best way i think is.. jgn menghampiri zina.. :) .. avoid thing that could lead you n ur bf to what we call "zina".. be a gud girl.. pelihara kehormatan untuk ur true husband.. :)